Earthing system design or grounding system design, is a critical aspect of electrical engineering that ensures safety and operational integrity of electrical systems. It involves creating a low-resistance path for electrical current to flow to the ground in the event offaults, lightning strikes, switching surgesand occurrences of induced voltages and currents on equipments, conductors, cables and structures.

Key factors considered in earthing system design include soil resistivity, type of electrical equipment, and environmental conditions. The design should ensure that the Ground Potential Rise (GPR) does not exceed 5000 V to protect equipment. Reducing the GPR requires reducing the grid resistance, which can be achieved by increasing the size of the grid or adding rods driven into low resistivity bottom soil layers.

Earthing system assessments involve a thorough evaluation of an organization’s electrical systems and equipment to identify potential hazards. It includes reviewing electrical drawings, equipment specifications, maintenance records, and other relevant documentation.

Even though the purpose of all earthing systems is the same, the methodology for the design, engineering, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system varies with the requirement of electrical system depending on its location, layouts, operations, etc.

Our engineers with their years of experience are at your services for the detailed design of the earthing system.

We provide the following services for the design of an Earthing/Grounding System:

  • Survey of the site, measurement of soil resistivity data and performing soil resistivity analysis & derivations of the correct soil model for earthing system design.
  • Collection of various layout drawings for plant or switchyard location along with the location of all of its equipments.
  • Detailed design of earthmats and calculations of risersusing FEA analysis tools in compliance with all safety criteria based on relevant electrical standards.
  • Preparation of earthing layouts, installation drawings & specifications for earthing system.
  • Estimation of Bill of Materials & costing for proposed earthing system.
  • Assessment of existing earthing system which includes a study of the design, providing necessary recommendations, drawings & reports and supply & installation of necessary earthing material such as earth pits, earth strips, etc.
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