Industrial engineering services from Techlabs may be either project or plant based and are relevant for a wide range of industries like mining, process plants, industrial, building services, commercial establishments, captive power plants, electrical power generation, abattoirs, ports, airports, oil and gas etc.

These services cover various aspects of Industrial Electrical Engineering. The services provided are available for both MV and LV networks. Any given project may include one or all of these services:

  • Demand load analysis and Power flow studies
  • Through study and remedial solutions for voltages and technical losses
  • Correct Sizing of cables, transformers and generators
  • Short circuit analysis to evaluate devices withstand capability
  • Protective device co-ordination to ensure the selectivity and avoid nuisance tripping and interruption of production / processes
  • Studies for studying behavior of large motors in system during starting, running and trip conditions. Simulation of transient starting conditions, black start and reacceleration of motors. Selection of correct starters
  • Synchronizing of generators and studies for ensuring stability of power system
  • Reactive Power compensation
  • Assessments of harmonics content in different voltage level and supply of recommended filters to nullify the harmonics
  • Services for detailed Energy Audit - for Energy Saving. Follow up / trouble shooting / Monitoring ser v ices. Detailed Project Report and arrangement of finance for Capital Intensive Projects for Energy Saving. Implementation of Energy Saving Projects - based upon % of saving achieved. Training Program for Staff and Operators. Reduction in Maintenance Cost
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