Primtech – Solution for Optimized Substation Design of High Voltage Substations

primtech is an engineering software for the design, construction and documentation of substations (air-insulated switchgear). High-voltage equipment, substructures, cable ducts, wires, tubes, clamps, roads and fences can be easily selected from a comprehensive library and placed as intelligent 3D objects on a voltage- dependent grid.

Project Management

The project manager ensures that all data is managed transparently and structured according to the corresponding voltage-levels and bays.

Concurrent Engineering

Synchronous processing of project files is optimally supported by mapping of the substation structure and the Check In / Out technology.

Data Replication

primtech provides the possibility simultaneously work on the same project across different locations, either regionally or worldwide.

Substation Standards

primtech guarantees data reuse by managing standard bays or completely typified part stations.

Large Substations

Large substations with different voltage-levels, more than 30 bays and thousands of components can be handled transparently and efficiently within primtech.

CAD Component Library

The freely extendable library manages 2D and 3D CAD models and their component data for BOM generation. The library contains about 3000 high voltage components, such as:

  • Circuit breakers
  • Transformers
  • Disconnectors
  • Insulators, chains
  • Wires and tubes
  • Clamps

ERP Interface

The CAD and ERP data remain always consistent and up-to-date due to the integrated ERP-interface.

CAD Functionality

The graphic editor of primtech is AutoCAD. Taking advantage of intelligent primtech objects the construction of an outdoor switchgear can be realized with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Wire connections and the corresponding clamps, chains and sags
  • Tube connections
  • Cable ducts, conduits
  • Earthing grid
  • Streets, paths and fences
  • Lightning protection rods and wires
  • Steel construction
  • Buildings, building services engineering

Calculation Tools

primtech has powerful integrated calculation tools:

  • Lightning Protection Calculation - rolling sphere method (IEC 62305-1 / IEEE 998)
  • Phase Checker
  • Clearance Calculation
  • Sag Calculation
  • Short-Circuit Current - Calculation of Effects (IEC 60865-1:2011 /IEEE 605)
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